Crafting for Kids of All Ages Display



Note: This display is the same as the Well-Crafted Books Display except that the boxes are covered with felt instead of woven fabric and the braches are decorated with embroidered medallions instead of patchwork bird ornaments and newspaper leaves.


3 sturdy, cardboard boxes of different heights (boxes shown measure as follows [measurements given as length x height x width]:8" x 4" x 8", 12" x 12" x12", 10" x 5" x 12"

1 (18-ounce / standard-size) cylindrical oatmeal box (or other cylindrical container)

Felt, to wrap around boxes, plus extra felt for backing medallions (optional)

Beans or rice to partially fill cylindrical container 

Approximately 8 One World Medallions from Kids Embroidery by Kristin Nicholas (backed with extra felt if you are concerned about the "wrong" side showing)

Fallen branches, preferably growing in a variety of directions

5" embroidery hoop

Finely woven cotton or linen, for embroidered sign

6-strand embroidery floss (all 6 strands held together), for embroidering message on sign

Embroidery needle

Water-soluble fabric marker or standard pencil 

Glue gun and glue

STC Craft books


1) Wrap the 3 sturdy boxes in felt as if you're wrapping them with wrapping paper. Use hot glue to secure in place.

2) Wrap the cylindrical container in felt and secure with hot glue. Place a few inches of beans or rice in the container.

3) Place a piece of tightly woven cotton fabric in the embroidery hoop. Write a message, such as "Crafting for Kids of All Ages," on the fabric using a water-soluble pen or a pencil. Using embroidery floss, embroider your message.

4) Place boxes on display table. Place stacks of STC Craft books where you want them on and around boxes.

3) Place branches in the cylindrical container. Adjust beans or rice as needed so the branches stand up. Hang the One World Medallions on the branches. Place embroidery hoop sign on display.

Display created by Kayte Terry and photographed by Jen Causey.