It's Going to Be a Crafty Weekend

Hardwear-Cover---225.jpgWhen I tell people that I edit craft books for a living, they often assume that I spend my days doing crafts--knitting, quilting, jewlery-making, etc. But, unfortunately, that's not my reality. Although I spend a lot of my time collaborating with really creative, industrious people, I spend far less time making things than I would like. But this weekend is a happy exception. Hannah Rogge,  the author of Hardwear, a book about creating jewelry using materials you buy at hardware stores (like hex-nuts, O-rings, and S-hooks), is coming to my house for a crafty sleepover. She's going to help me make jewlery and I'm going to teach her how to knit. I've posted a gallery of some of the projects from Hardwear here. I'm not sure what we'll be creating yet, but I'm definitely thinking about holiday gifts (like crafters all over the world this weekend, I imagine). If you look at the gallery, I suspect you'll be impressed by the elegance of these pieces, most of which take less than an hour to complete. Ever since Hannah and I met for the first time to discuss her proposal for this book, she and I have been fantasizing about people making these pieces and wearing them not only with their casual everyday clothes but also with fancy attire to formal occasions (like the Academy Awards!). Please let us know if you do.