New Galleries

While reviewing the traffic here, I regularly notice that the galleries are quite popular. So, in an effort to give you more of what I think you want, I have added three new galleries this evening: Knitting Classic Style, Knitting Nature, and Save this Shirt. At this stage of the process, when the books are completed and I have a chance to look at--and enjoy--the images inside of them without worrying about the myriad tasks that go into making them, I always feel somewhat  amazed that we actually reached this point, that the author and I and the rest of the publishing team actually finished.  Of course, there are always new books to work on. It is, in fact, an ongoing cycle--one book is delivered to stores at the same time that another proposal lands on my desk. Often people ask me how many books I am working on at one time but I've never sat down to figure that out as doing so feels rather overwhelming. Tonight I will continue to put off that task and simply enjoy the galleries, which make everything look so easy. I hope you will as well.