About a month ago, Heather Ross, a friend and the author of the upcoming Weekend Sewing, came to my house so we could do some work together on her book and also to make holiday cards using her portable printing machine called the Print Gocco Kit. The Print Gocco comes from Japan, where--according to the people who sell it--one out of three families has one. Basically, you create your artwork (or Heather creates it for you), then using the Print Gocco, burn a screen (as in silk screening), then one-by-one print your cards. Heather knew what she was doing (she actually created her wedding invitations this way) so it didn't take us very long and it was lots of fun. The artwork depicts my dog Maggie catching a Frisbee (her favorite activity). I present this card here as my way of wishing you that kind of pure joy this holiday season and in 2008!