Weekend Knitting Cover Story

When my book Weekend Knitting was first published in 2003, this was its cover.

It stayed that way until it was released a few weeks ago in paperback with this cover.

Honestly, I like both of these choices. But there was another cover that I rallied for in both hardcover and paperback. It wasn't chosen either time, so I figured I'd share it here.

Thanks to Susi Oberhelman and Ericka McConnell for providing the beautiful graphic design and photography, respectively. What a pleasure to have so many wonderful choices! Thanks also to Deborah Newton, who designed the Garter-Cuff Fingerless Gloves in the photo on the hardcover, and to Pam Allen, who designed the Farmer's Market Bag in the photo on the paperback, and to our lovely models. To see a sampling of images from inside the book, click here. To see a few interior pages, click on the small book cover image at right.