Knits Men Want author Bruce Weinstein has been teaching knitting for over 10 years, and in that time, he's seen his fair share of well-intentioned gifts knitted for men--full of bright colors, crazy cables, itchy yarn, and...what?! Did you really intarsia yourself on his sweater?

Sometimes the response our gift gets depends on the man. But, according to Bruce, and considering the tales of Cringe or Crush? he's heard from his students and fans, there are tried-and-true rules we should be aware of before we stay up until 3am on Chirstmas Eve crafting our labor of love.

Rules, shmules, I say! Only, why am I now the proud owner of the giant, shawl-wide, extra-bulky scarf I knitted for my main squeeze? I mean, didn't he see that H&M ad with the guy in that enormous cowl-necked sweater? Doesn't he know that sporting the illusion of a shrunken head is très chic? And why did he wear my second, slimmer attempt all winter long?

Bruce will answer my burning questions, and yours, during the course of his blog tour this month. Follow the schedule below, and be sure to check out and contribute to our hilarious Cringe or Crush? Sweepstakes!  Grand prize is a signed copy of Knits Men Want and this 8'' x 10'' print from the book, by photographer Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed!

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