Knitting Booties for Baby


A lot of my friends are pregnant and, recently, I got the first of the baby shower invitations. Immediately, I went online to look at the baby gift registry, debating between the most practical choices like bibs and wipes and less practical but sweeter ones like stuffed animals and artwork for baby's room. And then I remembered--I'm a knitter; I co-authored a book about knitting for babies; I should knit booties. I know it seems crazy that I could have forgotten those things. But, really, I sort of did. I have been so busy working and managing family life that the idea of creating something special with my own hands was far from the front of my mind. When I received the baby shower invitation, I was much more focused on going online, clicking on a few buttons, and checking this baby gift off my To Do list, than I was on slowing down and spending some quiet, thoughtful time knitting good wishes into something to keep the baby warm and cozy. Fortunately, the knitter in the back of my mind crept forward and reminded me she was there.

The booties I made this weekend are called Beginner Booties. They were designed by Cathy Payson. The pattern comes from Knitting for Baby, the book I co-authored with Kristin Nicholas. They're knit back and forth mostly in garter stitch in one piece from the top down, then sewn together in the center. At the ankle are eyelet holes for the I-cord tie that so effectively keeps the booties on little feet. I chose pink cashmere since I know this baby is a girl and I think cashmere garter sttich is perfect for babies--so soft, squishy, and pure, just like them. 

The time I spent working on these booties felt like a gift to myself. And I hope the baby and her parents can feel the loving thoughts I knit into them. I know this sounds corny but if you're a knitter, I'm sure you understand.

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