About Last Summer

Last summer a friend helped me through a hard time. Among other kindnesses, she invited me to spend some time with her in Paris. While we were there, I tried to find a gift to thank her but nothing seemed quite right. Knowing how much she appreciates handmade, when I arrived home, I decided to knit her something. But what? What would be good enough? Right for her? Meaningful? I spent a long time seeking out a very particular mohair yarn in a very particular golden color for a scarf that, after several starts and restarts, I realized wasn't going to be right. In the meantime, I had posted a series of photos from my time in Paris on a wall in my office. What struck me most about Paris last summer and what I continue to be struck by everyday on my wall are the beautiful colors nearly everywhere. 

In the apartment where we were staying: 



Looking out my bedroom window:


On doors:

 In shop windows:


In gardens: 


On the street:

That cool lady wearing a pink shirt, with a man carrying a pink cooler behind her (and someone else in pink even further behind). That's my friend.  


And this is the scarf I made for her to say thank you and to remember our trip.  

Merci, mon amie.