Handmade Holidays!

Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick

The holidays are always an exciting time of year, with the brisk post-Thanksgiving air inspiring us to begin decorating (and stocking up on peppermint treats) in anticipation of the upcoming December festivities. And what better way to prepare than by taking out a box of shiny baubles and crafting holiday odds and ends!

AlterKnits Felt by Leigh Radford

Handmade holiday crafts are arguably the best crafts—as an adult, how many opportunities do you have to dress up your belongings with glitter and excessive metallic finishes?

Weekend Handmade by Kelly Wilkinson

But most importantly, handmade holidays are also as much about the act of creating as the finished product. There's nothing more fun than spending an afternoon making garlands with friends, and there's no better feeling than knowing that a loved one is thinking of you each time they pull on their nubby hand-knit mittens.  

Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan

So to spread the handmade holiday love, over the course of the next month we will be sharing books and project ideas to get you in the spirit--from gift guides to décor projects, right down to ways to glitz up your favorite festive outfits!

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