International Women's History Day is March 8

And we think this is a great time to say thank you to all of the women who have been sharing their knitting skills for centuries.

In My Grandmother's Knitting, Larissa Brown shares stories  from 26 of the most popular designers in the country about the grandmothers and other revered family members and friends who inspired them to knit.

In the quick video above,  Joelle Hoverson, Andrea Berman Price, and I talk about the role of knitting among women, past and present.

Do you want to show your appreciation for the person who inspired you to knit or a woman in history who has inspired you in some way? Here are some ideas:

--Tweet about her (or him) and use the hashtag #knittingherstory.

--Go to the My Grandmother's Knitting Facebook page and post a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the name of your teacher on it. Or check out the gallery of images already there (find out who taught kniterati like Kaffe Fassett and Clara Parkes how to knit) and post a comment.

--Post a photo on your own Facebook page or blog.

--Post a comment here (we always love that!)

--Or stick to the tried-and-true, old-fashioned way: Give her (or him) a call or send a note. Thank you, Merci, Muchas Gracias, etc.