UPPERCASE Magazine (with Subscription Giveaway!)


UPPERCASE Magazine is a stunning publication to behold. Published for "the creative and curious," UPPERCASE, now in its 13th issue, explores facets of craft, fashion, and design. And it's a bit of an enigma in a world of digital publications. The hefty quarterly publication is printed on lovely stock and is filled with inspiration and visual treats. There are very few ads, and the ones included (like STC Craft favorite Purl Soho) are as gorgeous as the magazine itself. You can find UPPERCASE in bookstores, but also in luxe shops like Anthropologie.

The journal is the vision of Janine Vangool, the publisher, editor, and designer. We're thrilled to have had a chance to ask Janine a few questions about UPPERCASE.

STC: How would you describe the philosophy of UPPERCASE? 

The tagline for UPPERCASE magazine is "for the creative and curious" and this really is the somewhat loose guideline to content appearing in the magazine. Though the content is based in graphic design, illustration,  and crafting as its starting points, with such a broad statement the articles can be quite eclectic. I think it is this curious bent that makes the magazine unique and hopefully surprising with each new issue.
We like to support the creative endeavours of our readership and therefore much of the written content, photography, and illustration is commissioned from our subscribers, open calls for submissions, and through connections made in our social media circles. I strongly believe that the magazine is a collaborative effort with its readership.

STC: How do you come up with a theme for each issue?
I categorize and archive all the submissions and suggestions that come my way, as well as favourite blog posts, Flickr images, Etsy shops, tweets... When you're looking at so many things, you start to see common threads and emerging themes. So an issue's themes are a combination of these discoveries and topics of interest to me personally.
STC: What are the benefits to publishing a paper magazine in a "digital age"?
The physical format of UPPERCASE magazine is part of its appeal—it is something that you hold, carry, collect, and keep. I always strive to make each issue an object that is well-crafted and has attention to detail in in its paper stock, special print processes, or formats... these are the things that make print so special. Unlike digital magazines, which I think promote attention deficit, when you're reading a paper magazine you have more commitment and a more intimate experience!
Though the expense to produce a paper magazine is considerable, I think my readership feels the same way I do and are willing to invest in a long-term relationship.
Obviously, what UPPERCASE is doing is very much in the line of how we think here at STC Craft! So we're thrilled that Janine generously offered a subscription giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave a comment here by April 30 at 1PM EST. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.
To read more about UPPERCASE, visit their blog and don't forget to subscribe!
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