Mother's Day Books & Giveaway!

 Photo by Ericka McConnell from Weekend Knitting

If you ask most moms what they want for Mother's Day, they will most likely request a day of ultimate relaxation. But if you ask moms who are crafters what they want for Mother's Day, chances are they will want something that involves both relaxation and crafting--a concept that we fully endorse!

Most of us at STC Craft come from a crafty lineage, and I'd say a healthy percentage of our authors first learned their amazing skills from their mothers. So when we started thinking about gifts to give our moms for Mother's Day, we got to wondering--if we had to pick one STC Craft book to give to our moms, which one would it be? We posed this question to several of our STC Craft authors and staff, and we loved hearing the stories about why each person thinks their mom would enjoy a particular book. But we don't want to stop there--we want to hear from you, too! Leave a comment telling us which STC Craft book you would pick for your mom and why, and if your name is picked, we'll send your mom a copy of the book you've chosen. To enter the giveaway, leave your comment before Friday, May 11 at noon EST.

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Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow, authors of Tiny World Terrariums, say:

The BUST DIY Guide to Life! As regular sellers at the BUST Craftacular gift fairs in NYC, we're very familiar with their magazine and mission. We fully approve! And Katy's mom, being a very crafty lady with a love of DIY, would totally enjoy a book full of inspiring ideas for a day of handmade, homespun fun.


Gretchen Hirsch, author of the forthcoming Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing, says:

I would definitely give my mom Denyse Schmidt's new book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. My mother is an avid (and award-winning!) quilter, and I know she would love the gorgeous inspirational photographs and designs.


Liesl Gibson, author of Oliver + S, says:

My mom is a fantastic seamstress (both machine and hand stitching), and she’s sewn for me and my four sisters all our lives. Now that she’s retired and has a little more time to sew for herself (and for fun), I think she’ll enjoy Alabama Studio Sewing + Design and all of Natalie’s wonderful projects and techniques. I hope she’ll make something for herself and will find lots of inspiration from the book. Plus, my mom and Natalie share a similar quiet, thoughtful approach to life. I think they would get along really well if they met!


Melanie Falick says:

My first thought was to choose Alabama Studio Sewing + Design by Natalie Chanin for my mom because she's already made several pieces of clothing from Natalie's other books and I think this one would inspire her to try more techniques. But this is a selfish choice since she makes these clothes for me (making me feel incredibly lucky). So, on second thought, I'm going to choose Stitch Magic by Alison Reid. Maybe Mom will be inspired to use some of the beautiful fabric manipulation techniques in that book to sew pillows or curtains or a new bedspread for her house. I think she might like the cushion covers in the Pleating chapter for her living room or the bed throw in the Folded Shapes for her bedroom. When we're both making projects, we always have something interesting to talk about. 


STC Craft marketing manager Ellie Levine and STC Craft senior editor Liana Allday both picked Weekend Handmade.

Ellie says: The first weekend that feels like spring, you'll find my mom out in the garden, weeding, planting, and plotting new ways to make the backyard beautiful. When I visit my parents, the first thing I do is take a tour of her latest updates to the landscape, and I can always count on a beautiful flower arrangement on her kitchen table. My mom would adore Kelly Wilkinson's Weekend Handmade: the chapter called "Grow" presents projects inspired by gardens, fields and farmers' markets—three of my mom's favorite things. The Pressed Flower Luminaria, Botanical Note Cards, and irresistible Handmade Labels would all be perfect DIYs for us to create together on a sunny afternoon.

Liana says: My mom is a lifelong crafter, and she is constantly wandering between decoupage, embroidery, gardening, watercolor, and anything else that catches her fancy. For those reasons, I pick Weekend Handmade. Not only is Kelly Wilkinson's California aesthetic a perfect match for my mom's sunny Californian style, but just like my mom, the book wanders around from craft to craft in the most delightful way.