Behind the Scenes: The Knitted Slipper Book

We recently had an STC Craft first: a photoshoot in Asia! We feel so global chic. Mika Nakanishi photographed The Knitted Slipper Book by Katie Startzman, coming out in fall 2013,  in Tokyo. Our fabulous graphic desiger, Miao Wang, sent us some Instagram updates directly from the studio.

Even though we’re having a heat wave here, don’t these cozy slippers still look tempting? (And what about that baby?!)

I love how the weathered interiors of the photo studio create a contrast to the colorful footwear.

These bright blue ballet slippers are adorable. (And how about those striped tights?)

And what a gorgeous group of models.

A brilliant splash of color brightens up concrete walls.

Mika checks some settings while a little model patiently waits.

I can already hear the requests for these animal slippers in adult sizes.

How do we say "We love it!" in Japanese?