Creative Resolutions for 2013

Photo: Thayer Allyson Gowdy from The Shape of Knitting by Lynne Barr

Every January, there's the usual chatter about New Year's resolutions--ways to cut back, shape up, and make changes that often feel more like chores. This year, the STC Craft team decided to frame our 2013 goals as "creative resolutions." Inspiring, right? Here's what we came up with:

Melanie, Publishing Director
My goal this year is to simply to spend more time being creative with my friends and family. More afternoons chatting and creating, hopefully even some weekends away together. Add in some tea or wine, some fresh air, laughter, maybe a little yoga. Perfection!

Liana, Senior Editor
I recently saw a photo for this really cute toddler sweater on Pinterest, but it's from a Finnish blog and the instructions (if there are any) are not in English. So, I want to try to make up a pattern so I can replicate the sweater! (Here's a link to some sketches on my blog.)
I also want to spend a lot more time writing this year, and possibly maybe even start keeping an art journal! (Art Doodle Love has inspired me…)
Finally, I want to work on cleaning up my creative space. I suspect there will be a major fabric purge in the new year, and a lot less clutter. (How many pincushions do I need??)

Cristina, Editorial Assistant
I'm so wonderfully lucky to work somewhere I get to be creative everyday, but I'd love to make an effort to set aside more time for creative pursuits at home. And I'm determined to learn how to knit! No more excuses, especially with all the great knitters around here to show me the way.

Michelle, Executive Director of Marketing + Publicity
My creative goals for 2013 are to finish my striped knitted-felted bag, a large project that I would love complete and start to use this winter; to find time to try my new guache brushes—they've been sitting and taunting me!—and lastly, I owe a nice knitted project to my colleagues! Lots of fun stuff to do.

Ellie, Marketing Manager
This year my goal is to spend more time seeing and reading about art. Over the holidays, I visited the new Philadelphia campus of the Barnes Foundation. The museum is famous for a number of reasons (here's a primer) and if you ever find yourself in Philly, it's a must-see! The eclectic, offbeat collection has a single mission: art as everyday experience. I left inspired, excited, and with a long list of artists to investigate.

Traci, Publicist
I love to paint old furniture and give it a brand new look. My 5-year old son spends many weekends in the garage/workshop with me "working," with his kiddie washable paint-set in hand. This year I want to encourage him further and provide him with his own project – a small nightstand. I'll be there to guide him but I can't wait to see what he can do!