STC Craft Author Lynne Barr Is Teaching Knitting Techniques on Creativebug!

Lynne Barr fans rejoice—video tutorials of the knitting expert's innovative techniques are coming to Creativebug!

Complementing the unique and groundbreaking techniques featured in STC Craft favorites The Shape of Knitting, Reversible Knitting, and Knitting New Scarves, these classes show the knitting expert in action as she demonstrates how to use "traveling pleats" to make a hat with a unique twisted top design, and double knit to create reversible multi-colored pieces. Best of all, she also provides valuable lessons on how to create your own charts using any stitch patterns you please!

While the names of the techniques might sound intimidating, they are easy to grasp with Lynne Barr walking you through the instructions one stitch at a time. These classes are the perfect companions to your Lynne Barr library—make sure to check them out today!