Another Cover Story


Coming up with a cover concept is a challenging and exciting  part of the publishing process. In the case of our new book by Andrea Berman Price, Knitspeak: An Z to Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns, the  graphic designer Sarah Von Dreele and I floundered a bit at first--until one day I remembered a postcard I had received a long time ago from the Italian luxury brand Malo that featured a line drawing of a sweater created out of poetic verse.


I excitedly called Sarah and told her how great I thought it would be to show a sweater filled with abbreviations and other terminology used in knitting instructions because, on a certain level, hand-knitted sweaters are made of these instructions, and Knitspeak was written to help people understand these instructions. I showed Sarah the postcard and, if I remember correctly, she emailed me a pdf of her interpretation of this idea within an hour.

Andrea  is currently touring to promote Knitspeak. Here's  her schedule for the next few weeks in case you find yourself in one of the towns she's visiting.

October 20: Yarns in the Farms (Beverly Farms, MA)

November 3: Springwater Fiber Shop (Alexandria, VA)

November 10: Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins (Boulder, CO)