Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts Blog Tour!

We've sure been keeping Kaffe Fassett and Liza Lucy, authors of Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts, busy lately! They've barely kicked off their US tour-trotting shoes and have already tackled our first round of Quilt-A-Long questions.

Good thing they are a hardy pair, because not only will they be offering their inspiration, encouragement, and advice here on the first Tuesday of every month (last date, July 6th!); they are also extending their wisdom and influence to our friendly neighborhood blogs! Follow their wild ride through the blogosphere below, and be sure to get your free pattern and Quilt-A-Long badge and link to our Quilt-A-Long Facebook group from here!


May 3: Quilt-A-Long Begins! http://www.melaniefalickbooks.com 

May 6: Review http://to-be-charmed.com

May 7:  Kaffe and Liza’s Top Ten Quilting Blogs http://quilting.craftgossip.com

May 10: Review and “Liza Lucy Stories!” http://goknitinyourhat.blogspot.com

May 11: Podcast Interview with Kaffe and Liza http://www.PatSloan.com

May 13: How the "Kaffe Fassett Collective" designs together http://whipup.net   

May 14: Choosing Colors www.knitgrrl.com

May 17: Art vs. Craft http://www.thisisloveforever.com

May 18: The Question of Dabbling http://www.yarnstorm.blogs.com

May 19: Choosing Patterns http://www.houseonhillroad.com

May 20: Interview http://sewmamasew.com

May 21: Review http://www.ohbara.com

May 25: Review http://usineurope.typepad.com

May 27: Why a Design Wall and Reducing Glass http://thelastpiece.typepad.com  

May 28: Interview: Tradition Today http://www.materialobsession.typepad.com

May 31: Interview http://thelongthread.com

June 1: Kaffe and Liza's Quilt-A-Long

June 2: Review http://quiltersbuzz.com

June 3: Quilt-A-Long Sharing http://blog.fatquarterly.com

June 4: Review http://www.trueup.net

June 7: Review http://bemused.typepad.com