Knitted Dinosaurs Take Manhattan

This summer, we were thrilled to have some visitors join us at STC Craft headquarters in New York City. Tina Barrett, author of our new book Knitted Dinosaurs, sent five of her favorite prehistoric pals to hang out with us for summer vacation.

Truth be told, we had requested the samples for a sales meeting in July, but once we saw how amazing the dinosaurs were in person—just as detailed and nuanced and cuddly and ferocious as they appear in the book—we were reluctant to send them back. What can I say? We were smitten! Knowing that we couldn’t keep them forever, we decided at the very least to take some photos. For starters, Ellie arranged them on her desk (above).

And I couldn’t help but pose with a few, taking photos on my Mac with Photo Booth…after all, it’s one thing to tell your friends that you have a group of knitted dinosaurs on your desk. It’s quite another to send them a photo of a T-Rex attacking you at your desk!

And while I love each and every one of them, I do believe that the Triceratops has stolen my heart.

Since our dino friends were visiting from the UK, we thought it was only right to take them on a little field trip around the city. Here Parasaurolophus takes in the splendor of the Empire State Building just outside our STC Craft office on 6th Avenue.

Of course, now that we’ve shipped the dinosaurs back home, we’re going to have to fill the void by making our own buddies to keep. And as of this week, you can make your own dinosaur buddies, too! We’re thrilled to announce that the amazingly adorable Knitted Dinosaurs is now in stock. To see photos of the rest of the dinosaurs in the book, be sure to check out the will not be disappointed. And if you DO make a dino, we would love it if you shared a photo with us on our Facebook page or tweet your photos to @STC_Craft. (If you couldn't already tell, we love seeing photos of knitted dinosaurs!)