Behind Every Great Knitter...

Back in August, Larissa Brown, author of My Grandmother's Knitting, wrote a guest post for our blog. In the spirit of her new book, Larissa asked the question: Who inspired you to knit? 

There's a story behind every knitter's first stitch, and Larissa had the idea--inspired by this legendary video--to celebrate teachers and mentors with a collective photo album. Participating is easy: Just find blank paper and a bold marker, write down the name of your special person, hold up your sign, and take a picture. Then add your image to the growing collection on the My Grandmother's Knitting Facebook page

I have the pleasure of working with many creative types, so last week I brought my camera to the office and got started on STC Craft's contribution to this project.

Liana and Melanie were the first to pose:

Even seasoned knitters like Melanie had to begin somewhere!


Did Liana's friend Susi know she'd inspire a hobby and a career?

Some of my crafty colleagues in the marketing department also proudly held up signs.  Ashley Rich: Marketing Manager by day, knitter by night.

I even snapped photos of some rather famous visitors. "Kaffe Fassett is here," Melanie casually mentioned as she passed by my office. "He's available now if you want to take his picture."

Sure, no big deal--I photograph world-famous artists all the time. I immediately scrambled for my camera and followed Melanie to a table where Kaffe, Brandon Mably, Liza Prior Lucy, and graphic designer Anna Christian were studying potential layouts for Kaffe's upcoming autobiography.

An impromptu photoshoot ensued. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Kaffe hints at the contents of his next book...


Not only is Brandon talented--he's also crazy photogenic! (Click on the photo to enlarge so you can read Brandon's message.)


Brandon and Liza horse around for the camera. Priceless.


Now we know who's behind Anna's many talents!

Check out the My Grandmother's Knitting Facebook page here. One click of the "Like" button and you can download a free pattern from the book, admire other knitters' photos, and hopefully share one of your own!