STC Craft Spring Books in Bloom


It's not quite spring outside--no daffodils poking through the soil yet--but there are signs of spring in our office and in bookstores and craft stores everywhere. STC Craft's spring 11 collection is making its way to retailers now. First up are Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson and A Knitter's Home Companion by Michelle Edwards. Modern Paper Crafts by Margaret Van Sicklen is being released next week. You can see sample pages from these three books by clicking on the covers in the right-hand margin. Upcoming soon are The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti, Loop-d-Loop Lace by Teva Durham, and Stitch Magic by Alison Reid. You can see photo galleries for all of these books (except for Stitch Magic but stay tuned) by clicking on their respective titles under "Galleries" in the right-hand margin. The weather where I live is cold and wet today, but the views inside these books are bright and beautiful. Spring is on its way.