Oliver + S Paper Dolls: Another Day at the Office

Obviously, the main attraction of Oliver + S Little Things to Sew is Liesl Gibson's impeccably designed sewing patterns for children. But a major perk are the charming paper dolls that come with it--a boy and a girl, which you'll find on a piece of perforated cardstock at the back of the book. To dress the paper dolls, you (or your kids) can cut out the "clothing" from the book's jacket.

We spent a lot of time working with our printer to get the cardstock just right--it's never fun to play with a flimsy paper doll! Another consideration was the lamination on the jacket--too much lamination and the tabs on the clothing wouldn't bend properly; too little and they might tear. When we thought we had the balance just right, we felt it was only prudent to have someone take the dolls and clothing for a "test run." (Also, don't we all need an excuse to play with paper dolls at work?) We asked Wesley Royce, an assistant editor at STC, to take on this very important job, and we certainly didn't have to ask twice.

Wesley happily set about her task, cutting out clothing and dressing her dolls, and lthen we played with them at our desks, pleased to confirm that all of the tabs bent back just so and the dolls stood tall and proud. Another day at the office.